Today and tomorrow are our last days off before we go, so we’ve been making some preparations, mostly in the form of making lists of things to do rather than actually doing them.

We found a nice picnic kit. We wished for one on previous trips because while some of the wineries have restaurants, many more have nice patios or picnic spots.
Also picked up a little folding aluminum handcart. It can be a nuisance borrowing the luggage carts from the hotel because you have to return them to the lobby and borrow them again in the morning.

We will also be taking some other stuff that we used before:
1] our trusty Garmin GPS, known as Lara because her English accent reminds me of Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame
2] our two digital tally-counters on which we keep track of whether we see more stuff on roof-racks or trailers. The rules for this are esoteric, and like NASCAR, designed mostly to keep the competition close.
3] plastic wine goblets, safe for poolside or patio use.
4] Tide stick for food or wine stains.
5] Laptop for blogging, duh.
6] Caroline’s Blackberry, cause we’re Canadian, eh! Long live RIM!
7] The Sirius satellite radio, for tunes in the boondocks.
8] Quite a lot of emergency equipment such as first aid kits, road reflectors, booster cables and so on, ’cause I’m a safety guy.
9] Quite a lot of creature comforts like travel mugs, blankets and a 12 volt cooler, ’cause I’m also a softy guy.

There are also some things we haven’t quite worked out yet. Some kind of road rations for when the trip segments don’t conveniently coincide with restaurants, preferably something we could nibble at winery tasting rooms between reds. Pringles? Goldfish? Those amazing (bizarre, perplexing) Japanese squid jerky things?


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