Day 2 Dinner Debriefing

Walked over to Ferraro’s and had a very nice Italian dinner. They must have an acoustic engineer in the family: the room was carpeted wall to wall, had double tablecloths, heavy drapes over the windows and flanking the doorways, and there were several large padded fabric panels set into the walls. It was soothingly quiet.

Ordered veal picatta for myself, Caroline chose canneloni. Wanted a light red wine, so looked for a bottle of Bardolino but couldn’t find one on the extensive list. Turns out they have one by the glass or carafe though, so we went with that, except that Caroline had a single glass of Chianti with her main course because of the zesty tomato sauce.

The house salad was nice, and it was great to have a side of classic fettucine Alfredo that someone hasn’t tried to ‘improve’ with garlic or mushrooms. When we tasted the tiramisu, Caroline’s eyes went wide, and she said “so that’s what tiramisu is supposed to be like!” it was made by the owner’s wife, they told us.

Got Cat to call for the shuttle and he showed up just as I got up to see if there was any sign of him. The bill was only $61. A lovely evening, but it was cold and raining on the ride back to the hotel.


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