Day 5 Dinner Debriefing

Took a shuttle downtown, all of six blocks, to eat dinner at Jen’s Garden. This is a small restaurant in an old house, and although the menu was laid out in a French manner, the style of the food itself was more Northwest. The obvious choice was the Prix Fixe which gives you all five courses, but we didn’t see ourselves needing that much food, so we had the first three courses only, passing on the salad and dessert. They also offer a wine ‘flight’, a half glass of wine matched to each course, but since we weren’t having dessert and I don’t much care for dessert wines or port, we simply ordered a bottle of wine. Caroline began with a shitake mushroom strudel that was lovely, while I had a pate with brie to start. The fish course was a seafood cake on a curried butternut squash course. That was my favourite, but Caroline thought it too spicy. I wish we would have splurged and had a glass of Viognier with it. Instead we rationed out our Tyne Evan Walla Walla syrah, saving most of it for the main course, for which we both chose the lamb shank. That was tasty, but we had overdone it on the rationing part of the wine; fooled by the dark glass of the bottle, we ended up with wine left over when the food was gone, and it was really a food kind of wine, not so much fun for sipping after. So I’m kind of kicking myself, I would have enjoyed the evening more if I had drank more freely through dinner.


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