Day 7 Dinner Debriefing

The diner has good burgers, we hear, but we weren’t in the mood for that. Chose pizza, because the strip-mall Chinese place was deserted at supper time. Picked up some cheap wine at Ray’s Food Place, the only supermarket in Rogue River, and ate at our hotel.The pizza was good: we saw them making their own crusts, and our ham and pineapple had lots of pineapple. We worried that it might have Montana-esque slabs of ham, but there were just lots of little slivers. Very nice. I should add that both the Red Dragon and Boci’s Pizza were just across the parking lot from Ray’s Food Place in the strip mall; Tarasco, the Mexican place was at the other end of the parking lot. We drove around Rogue River while we were waiting for our pizza, and found a car wash. When we pulled out we realized we were right back next door to Ray’s Food Place. It’s like the whole town shares that one parking lot. Even Caroline couldn’t get lost here.


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