Day 9 The Second Annual Hand Cart Regatta

We took a cab downtown for dinner, and learned that the Second Annual Hand Cart Regatta was just winding down. This began as a competition to build human powered railway contraptions. Last year they just had time trials, but this year they closed off a double track and had races. It also mutated into a street fair, or as our cabbie put it: “I think a bunch of those people from ‘Burning Man’ came.” You could have taken the ten most flambuoyant people from Osborne Village and put them all at one of the hot dog stands, and no-one would have noticed them except for maybe their accents. Some of the rail gadgets were pretty spectacular, too: not just variations on the Wile E. Coyote lever powered kind, but bicycle or pedal-powered ones, and one artful device based on cross-country skiing, and a fan-driven one too. We took a couple of pictures with Caroline’s blackberry, but I think we’ll have to wait until we’re back in our own service area to email them to ourselves, so they won’t be showing up in this blog.


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