Day 17 Dinner Debriefing

According to our budget, tonight’s should have been a modest meal, but there are good restaurants here, and tomorrow we’re in Medicine Hat. Caroline’s hoping for Chinese there. Rachel on front desk recommended the Red Bird, and so did Jim from the wine store, but only their wine bar is open tonight, not the restaurant. Jim also recommended the Pearl Cafe, and they were open, so we went there.

Caroline had the soup of the day and a fancy salad, I had the house salad and a lamb dish. The wine list at Pearl is very good, and featured a strong selection of wines by the half bottle. We had a half of Ecole 41 Chardonnay to start, and a half of Ecole 41 Cabernet with dinner. Caroline’s soup was the surprise of the day, curried parsnip with creme fraiche. I had plate envy, my house salad was good, but her soup was extraordinary. May I add, it didn’t taste like parsnips to me. Her salad with blue cheese, walnuts, ripe pear slices, avocado and a blue cheese vinagrette was very good, but she didn’t finish it because she wanted to save room for dessert. The Pearl is also a bakery, you see. My lamb dish was served on a bed of three or four large home-made raviolis stuffed with chevre and spinach. Perfect little slices of lamb with chanterelles and some jus with rosemary, orange and mint. Wow. We were so tired that we brought our desserts back to the hotel. Caroline had a summer berry bread pudding, I chose a hazelnut cake with nutella ice cream.


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