Havre to Bozeman

That water looks COLD.
An easy drive today: a couple of hours to Great Falls, Montana for a little shopping and lunch, Found some nice shirts on sale for 72% off for just one day at JC Penney. So-so Mexican food nearby. Then three hours to Bozeman, so we did the whole day on back roads with light traffic. Helen, our temporary GPS, (This is the name Shelley gave her GPS, because she can count on it to take her to hell and back again) frequently showed a single magenta line bisecting a blank beige wasteland. I call this the Nullabor display, after the highway in Australia that cuts across the Nullabor plain, a desert so featureless that in the days before GPS, they laid the highway across it using astral navigation.

Arrived at our hotel in Bozeman, and they had our reservation, but no Dan. The girl on the desk pointed to the empty space on the counter where letters sit, and explained that there was no note on our file about anything arriving. Checked into our room and tracked the parcel through Garmin and UPS. It arrived here at 0930 yesterday, and was signed for by Schmit. Went back to the desk and explained this to the same girl. ‘Schmit would be me’, she said and investigated two parcels sitting on the carpet. Success, but I had to bite my tongue to keep from asking why she had no recollection of signing for a parcel and why she had not made a note on my file. Not as smart as she looks, perhaps.

I have unpacked the new (actually refurbished) GPS and set the voice to Dan again. Rather than Dan or Dan2, I am leaning towards calling him Deetoo. Obviously this is a nod to Star Wars. Less obviously, it also refers to a cartoon called Carl Squared, about a teenager with a hapless clone he calls C2.

Now I can pack Dan into the same box Garmin used, forestalling any possible complaint about the adequacy of the packing materials. Goodbye, Dan, and good luck getting refurbished and finding a new home. That’s a joke – a GPS finding itself… never mind.

That will be one of tomorrow’s chores. Because we arrived a day early, tomorrow will be a layover day in Bozeman. Deja Vu, we were stuck here for four days with a failed wheel bearing last year. Since we’ve already seen the Computer Museum of America, we will do laundry and such.

Tried to replace our 12v cooler this afternoon. It seems to have stopped working since I dropped it in the hotel parking lot in Saskabush. Found a comparable Coleman at Wally-world here in Bozeman, but it was very loud, and the cord was too short by half, so I returned it immediately. Oh, and it didn’t have a switch or a heat function, either.

When we came back to our room, the computer would not boot. Turned out we had connected the power cord to a wall plug that was not switched on, and the battery had died. Nasty moment though.

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