Dinner in Edmonds

The rain let up long enough for us to walk to either of the two nearby seafood restaurants. Front desk guy loaned us an umbrella, but it was so windy, I don’t think we could have used it if the rain resumed. Arnie’s was the closer of the two, and the menu ranged from seafood to pasta. Anthony’s was a block further and a notch fancier. I was a little alarmed at the number of Mercedes and Lexus automobiles in the parking lot, but the prices were alright and the service was excellent. They did know what gins they had, and they had a Ryan Patrick Chardonnay on the wine list. Since we were just at their tasting room, that was a natural. For me the high point was my coconut prawns. The chowder was good, but not as good as Havre, believe it or not. I was stunned to see halibut cheeks on the menu – I didn’t even know fish had buttocks – so I ordered them, of course. Caroline had the Macadamia Mahi Mahi. A good dinner, but also our most expensive so far, by about twenty bucks.


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