Edmonds to Astoria, via Forks

Began the day by spotting this licence plate on a Corvette: RADARB8.

Took the ferry over to Kingston first thing this morning. There were two dozen cars on our side deck, a similar number on the port side, four lanes of trucks in the middle, and two more car decks above the level we were on. The ferry had a command bridge at each end, so it never turns around. I asked, and they said that they steer with the rudder at the back, and lock the one at the front in the center position except for docking maneuvers. Twenty minute ride.

Detoured to Forks, Washington, setting of the Twilight novels. The movies were at least partly filmed somewhere in BC, so the town does not look entirely like the movies. Anyway, they have Twilight Tour buses now, and lots of shlocky merchandise. But hey, they’re a small town well off the beaten track. Can you blame them for grabbing the band-wagon and holding on with both hands? Also drove out to La Push, another setting in the books, because we heard the beach is spectacular, and we needed a place to eat lunch. No picnic tables, naturally. Note to self: buy a small RV. Wanted to see the rain forest, but it was raining.

La Push

Spent the rest of the day driving basically the entire Washington coast, crossing the bridge into Oregon at the end of the day’s run. Washington was like today’s weather, very changeable. We’d go from forested mountains to pasture land to ocean shore almost as often as we went from sun to showers to squalls.

One thought on “Edmonds to Astoria, via Forks

  1. The idea of an RV might be just right for the two of you. It wouldn't suit everyone, but if you got a good buy on something, in your case it might actually pay for itself!You've made me think I should make up some clam chowder.

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