Dinner in Walla Walla

It’s a good thing we skipped Yakima/Prosser and came here a day early. We got into the Creektown Cafe tonight, but they are closed tomorrow. Due to the cab being busy, we had to show up at 1900 for our 1930 reservation, but they seated us right away. The restaurant was packed from the time we arrived to the time we left, and the kitchen was bogging down. Caroline noticed a whole herd of wait staff lurking around the kitchen, afraid to go near their tables, but the cooks all had their heads down trying to catch up, and wouldn’t even make eye contact with the front staff. So service was slow, but we loved our waitress Erica. She did everything she could to keep things moving along for us. I swear the restaurant was near panic, though; two busboys tried to clear our extra wineglasses, which were actually for the bottle of wine we hadn’t started yet.

So, just in case we can’t find any tomorrow, we had the Abeja Chardonnay with our apps: smoked scallops with some apple and pralines and leafy stuff for Tim, house special salad of spring greens and goat cheese for Caroline. Then we had the Abeja Syrah with our main courses: beef bourgignon for T, lamb shank for C. All was good, and the two hearty French entrees were a perfect match for the wine.

The cafe specializes in pies for dessert, but pies of every sort. I had a wedge of coconut cream pie that must have been over three inches tall, Caroline had her beloved Marionberry pie. If you don’t know what that is, it sucks to be you. Google it and eat your heart out.

Out to the parking lot for a minute, for a little fresh air and a chance to admire a vintage Jeep Wagoneer station wagon in excellent condition, except that the red and white two-tone paint had faded to salmon and cream, and then our cab showed up and Rita ran us back to the hotel.

One thought on “Dinner in Walla Walla

  1. The photos continue to be gorgeous, the menus unbelievable, and the weather typically northwest U.S. Would you move there?I like your new GPS, but I miss the one with the British accent. It's convenient, however, to pronounce "Washington" correctly when you're in the area.

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