Day 2 Dinner Debriefing: Ruby House

There’s a lovely little restaurant just down the hill from our hotel. You can walk to it. The menu is original. It gets good reviews all over Trip Advisor. Is it open? Of course not. Tourist season doesn’t kick in here until the Memorial Day weekend. They’re getting a new roof put on.

So, we found a place called Ruby House. It took us three tries to locate it, because it’s tucked away on the boardwalk. In this town, that’s a sort of veranda that runs a long block down one side of main street. Kenora residents should imagine the old Kenricia veranda if it went all the way to the Miner and News building. Anyway, Ruby house has been here more than a hundred years, and it’s still decorated like a bordello. The wallpaper for sure, the historic pictures are in no way risque. Also there were more firearms on the walls than are owned by the entire population of Kenora.

The menu is mainstream, except for some buffalo dishes. Caroline had the pork ribs, I had a steak. I thought of having the ribs, too, and I’m glad I didn’t. Caroline liked them just fine, but they were intensely smoky in flavour. Not my cup of tea at all. Tasted one mouthful and I’m still tasting it. Anyway, for a town that posts a population of 300, you’d expect the dining options to be spartan. 300 – Spartans. Thermopylae? The Movie? Never mind. More seriously, they cannot staff the restaurants fully until school gets out. In the meantime, our waiter was Donovan, and although very informal, he worked hard to help us choose the right dishes, even fetching Caroline a taster of barbecue sauce.

Curiously, the wine and liquor was served by a waiter from a separate business, the Red Garter. The wine list was okay, but we had to drink the wine out of tiny little egg-cup sized glasses. Still, better good wine out of silly glasses than silly wine out of good glasses.


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