Day 4 Dinner Debriefing: Not the Old Stone Church

When we checked in, we asked if there were cabs in this town. There were, we were assured. Michael, our front desk angel, offered to arrange one and call our room when it was fixed up. Forty minutes later, we still hadn’t heard from him, so we called the front desk. He had just been on the phone with a second cab company after the guy they usually use begged off. A cab would be here at 1815 for our 1830 reservation. 

At 1812, the driver called on his cell phone, he was stuck in traffic at least twenty five minutes away. He would call his dispatch and have them send someone closer. Michael called the dispatcher himself and got assurances that they were doing their best, so he called the restaurant and pushed our reservation back to 1900. At 1855, a cab pulled up. We got in and said where we wanted to go, and the driver asked, “Where’s that?” “I don’t know”, I explained, “we’re not from here – somewhere in downtown CastleRock.” Turns out he’s not from around here either. I guess he makes his living running people home from the airport or something. He should buy a GPS, I think, or learn his way around. We got out of the cab. If they can’t find the restaurant to take us there, what are the odds that they’d ever find it to pick us up after dinner?* Besides, by then, even our 1900 reservation was completely shot, and Caroline’s chances of a nice romantic dinner with Tim vanishingly small, because he’s walking off his anger behind the hotel.

We will now eat Chinese Delivery. Wish us luck.

Okay, Tim feels better now. I even hiked down to the car and fetched a bottle of wine so we could ice it before the Chinese food arrived. When we told the South Garden II we didn’t need plates or cutlery, they were so surprised that they (laughed and) threw in two egg rolls. We ended up with way too much food. We ordered Mu Shu Pork, Sesame Beef and Sweet & Sour Shrimp, with extra white rice. We finally got the waxed paper cartons of Chinese food that you see on TV. We’ve always wanted to get those, but all our restaurants in Kenora use FST’s (Food Service Trays, aka F… Styrofoam Thingies)  The egg rolls were only soso, but after that, things improved fast. The Mu Shu were tasty, Caroline’s Shrimp was very nice, with a few stir fried veggies thrown in, and Tim’s Sesame Beef was about as good as it gets. Plus, we got enough rice to have a snowball fight. Couldn’t eat more than half of it all, but my mood improved markedly. As a substitute for candlelight, we had a thunder and lightning show.

By the way, my fortune cookie said: “AT THIS MOMENT, SOMEONE IS THINKING GOOD THOUGHTS OF YOU.” Must be one of you guys, because it ain’t that cabbie!

*Once upon a time, in the Napa valley, T & C took a taxi to a very nice restaurant. When dinner was over, a spell had been cast upon the taxi driver, and she could not find time to pick us up again. When the bell tolled midnight, the restaurant turned out the lights, and the fair waitress gave T & C a ride home in her humble pumpkin. Everyone lived happily ever after, but T & C never trusted taxis quite so much.


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