Day 6 Drive: Touring Albuquerque

Slept in today, and had a leisurely breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We have several goals for today – we want to see the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, we’d like to do a little shopping, as we missed out on visiting the mall in Bismarck, and we need to stock up on road groceries if we are to have lunch tomorrow on the way to Sedona.

Decided to do the Museum first. We let Dingbat guide us there by car, but it would only be a walk of six blocks or so. The museum is first-rate, but mostly aimed at young visitors, of which there were busloads. Numbered exhibit halls make it easy to tour the museum in chronological order, from the big bang to the formation of the earth, marine life, dinosaurs, and so on up to the ice age. Or, if you’re six, you can just run around at random mashing buttons and shouting to your friends. Either way works, and I know the little blighters were learning something, because I saw a kid pretending to writhe in agony as he burned with the dinosaurs in the projected flames of the (K-T) extinction exhibit. Naturally, my camera batteries ran down. We are on our third set so far, but I bought a ten-pack before we left home, so we’re about on schedule, assuming I don’t want to photograph Lloydminster or Lethbridge.

Actually managed to pull into the hotel parking lot from across the street, so now we know it can be done, at least when traffic is quiet.

I’m late posting this entry because Blogger went down for almost 24 hours. They actually unposted yesterday’s entry for a while, but it looks like things are back to normal now.

Did some shopping this afternoon,  and spent a little time at the pool. Only one bus load of kids at the pool.


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