Day 7 Dinner Debriefing: The Barking Frog

We took the hotel shuttle to the Barking Frog, and had a fabulous dinner. Having upgraded the room, it seemed a shame to wimp out on dinner, especially after last night’s luke-warm effort, so we went all out. Barking Frog menu We started with a Tanqueray & Tonic and a Hogue Fume Blanc, then shared a Strawberry Spinach salad with Pecans and Pralines. Caroline opted for the Chile Rellenos, just to rub my nose in last night’s dinner, while I chose the Lamb Porterhouse with Apple Chipotle etc. etc. We found Merryvale Starmont Cabernet Sauvignon on the wine list and decided to give this old favourite a go. Oddly, it was listed at two different prices, ten dollars cheaper on the wine list than the menu. Shamelessly, I ordered it from the wine list. Dinner was divine, and although we were tempted by the Pastel Tres Leches, it was a chocolate version which probably wouldn’t sit well with Tim later at night. Instead, we chose to share a Key Lime tart, which was lovely. Shuttled back to the hotel, and here we are.


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