Day 11 Drive: Touring Coastal California

Slept in today, and then a late breakfast at the hotel, then went for a short walk on the oceanfront boardwalk until it started raining.  Part of the walkway’s guardrail has been washed out, probably by the same storm that has taken out part of Highway 1 just up the coast. Last time we came this way, we were unable to drive down to Big Sur from Monterrey because of coastal erosion. This time, we thought we’d be clever and come up from the south, but apparently over half the road is wiped out thirty miles north of here. They’re calling the closure ‘indefinite’ which probably means some fairly major engineering would be needed to re-open it.

‘Shoreline at Moonstone Bay’, or
‘Look, I got the horizon level!’

Not much on our agenda today, except stock up on groceries, camera batteries and rainy-day reading material. With this in mind, we began by driving down to San Luis Obispo for books. It’s a lovely little town with shops and squares, but it’s all street parking, so it took us a minute or two to find a spot. Bought some trashy reading and since we were parked right outside a luggage store, a nicer suitcase.

Then over to Paso Robles for clothing for Caroline and a few grocery items. I brought a whole ten-pack of AA batteries before we set off, but we’re using the camera so much that we kill a pair every day or two. 

Let Dingbat take us to J. Lohr winery for a tasting. Our hostess there was Kim, and she was very helpful. We ended up buying a few bottles of wine, and having lunch on their deck. If only the sun were shining, it would have been perfect. Unfortunately, the weather man was right, and what started out as a mainly cloudy day is working its way towards steady light rain. We were going to visit one little Mom & Pop winery, but they’ve moved without telling Dingbat, so we ended up at the wrong place. We got as far as programming in the correct address before we realized neither of us cared that much. We came back to the hotel instead, and spent some time cleaning out the car. We have accumulated rather a lot of litter, mostly tourist brochures for places we’re already done with. Also I needed to pack my fancy new suitcase, and stow away some wine and some books I’ve finished.

Next on my list, sort out all my receipts and  try and figure out if I’m broke yet. I meant to keep careful track of my credit card use, but mostly I’ve just been throwing receipts at C for her to put somewhere.


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