Day 15 Dinner Debriefing: Thyme

Okay, a good taxi experience, and a good dinner experience. Although our cab was a few minutes late, we made it to the restaurant right on time.

Thyme is a new restaurant; they just celebrated their first birthday. Those of you who are ‘ghosting’ us by choosing a meal from the menu should be warned that the internet version is out of date. The menu at the restaurant is more ‘springy’. Many of the appetizers and salads are the same or similar, but the entrees have changed quite a bit.

Caroline chose to have two courses of appetizers, starting with the French Onion soup, then the flatbread, but hers had arugula pesto, wild mushrooms, mozzarella and fresh tomato. The flatbread was so light as to be delicate. Tim started with the soup of the day, a clam chowder with lemon grass and bacon. It was a light soup, but the clams finished third to the bacon and lemon grass, so I think the chef was trying too hard. Even so, I heard another table say they loved it. Then I had the seafood special: local salmon on leek risotto with a lemon cream sauce. It was divine. The salmon was light and not fishy at all, and the risotto was delightful. Last trip, Caroline raved about a halibut dish she had with a gentle lemon sauce – this sauce was sharper, to match the salmon’s fuller flavour, and it struck a perfect balance.

As to the wine, well, we were in the market for either a heavy white or a light red. This is Oregon, so we had a  Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley by Argyle. A good choice, and pleasant to drink even after the food.

We overheard another table being offered a Rhubarb Crumble with ice cream, but this was gone by the time we were ready for dessert. I had the Cinnamon Creme Brulee, and loved it. Caroline, though, is not a cinnamon person, and she made faces. More for me!


2 thoughts on “Day 15 Dinner Debriefing: Thyme

  1. Thanks,IHeartOregon. By a happy coincidence, we found the WillaKenzie Estate on the very next wine list we looked at. It was the highlight of the meal!

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