Day 18 Drive: Walla Walla, WA to Missoula, MT

Up early and packed the car first, because breakfast isn’t until 0900 to 0930. Very nice breakfast with farm fresh eggs and fresh squeezed orange juice and other nice stuff. Innkeeper Mary is also Chef Mary.

The Chicken Coop

Then out through the powered property gates, cheerfully humming the theme song from the old Batman TV show. Nana nana nana nana… I have to get me a set of those when I win the lottery.

An hour or so into our morning drive, we saw a camel. A dromedary, even! (I hear Snagglepuss’ voice when I type that) This started us looking for the camera. Last seen when taking a batch of pictures like the one above. Eventually we pulled off at a layby and searched the car – it had slid under the cooler.

Stopped for lunch at Hay J’s Bistro in Liberty Lake, a suburb of Spokane. We ate dinner there once because it’s right next door to a hotel we stayed at. Which was handy to remember, because Dingbat couldn’t find the restaurant. Lunch was superb – I cannot imagine that you could make a steak sandwich any better than that.

Then into Idaho and up the mountain to Lookout Pass. This here is what my pilot friends like to call ‘elephant snot’. I have no idea why.

Lookout Pass

All the trucks stop at the top of the pass to check their brakes, ’cause its all downhill after this. Now if it was up to me, the ‘Welcome to Montana’ truck stop and weigh scale would be here, and you could let your transmission cool off while you did paperwork, and check your brakes before you pulled out. But no, the weigh scale is at the bottom of the run. ‘Welcome to Montana, son, I see you made it down our mountain. Your brakes must be okay.  Licence, log and lading, please.’ 

Lots of state troopers out today, giving out speeding tickets in the rain. In the mountains. In a 75MPH zone. Really, who goes down a wet mountain road at 90MPH? Not me, the CRV is feeling distinctly tail-heavy and a little waggly. 


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