Day 19 Dinner Debriefing: Pearl

Pearl Cafe is our regular choice in Missoula. Tonight we sat at a little corner table by the fireplace – you can see it in several of the pictures on the restaurant’s home page.

Caroline decided to take it easy and have three appetizers: soup, salad and crab cakes. She chose the soup of the day, an asparagus cream with creme fraiche, then a salad with fig, prosciutto and goat cheese, and the crab cakes. The server had to tell us that they were out of figs, but the chef recommended that we let him substitute dried cherries. This keeps alive Pearl’s streak of being out of something, but just barely. Last two times, Caroline has wanted the rabbit, and they have been out.

I decided to match Caroline on the soup, have a regular house salad (spring greens and balsamic) to keep her company, and then the salmon opting for wild rice as a side. We both loved the soup, and Caroline enjoyed her salad, even minus the figs. My salad was kind of ordinary. Then again, ten years ago, I would have hated it, so I guess I’m improving. Caroline said I wouldn’t have liked her crab cakes either, as they leaned strongly towards hot mustard and wasabi, but she enjoyed them. I thought my salmon was just fine.

By both choosing similar seafood dinners, we were able to share a bottle of wine, and we picked the Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Chardonnay. I’ll never visit the winery again, but I like some of their stuff. 

We both had dessert, C sticking by her standby Creme Brulee, which she hasn’t actually had this trip, while I opted for the homemade butterscotch pudding. Both were very good, and we swapped halfway. I really wanted the dark German Chocolate, but it would very likely attack me in the middle of the night, and I have to get up early tomorrow.


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