Day 22 Drive: Swift Current, SA to Kenora, ON

Last day. Today the wake-up call did work, so we were up at 0500 and on the road at quarter to six. This was the longest drive in a while, perhaps the longest of the trip, so we broke it down into sections, something like this:

Step 1: Drive to Moose Jaw and get breakfast.
Step 2: Drive to Moosomin and get gasoline.
Step 3: Drive to Brandon and get lunch.
Step 4: Drive to Winnipeg and get gasoline.
Step 5: Drive to Kenora and get groceries.
Step 6: Unload the car.

Other than that, well it rained all day. We did make it over the 10,000km mark on the last leg, about halfway between Winnipeg and Kenora. Right around the railway crossing, to be exact. Final tally was just over 10,100km. 109 hours of driving in three weeks.

Going out to get Chinese food from Ho Ho now. There won’t be a dinner debriefing, but I will try to make up for the lack of a ‘Week Two Picks and Pans’ by writing a conclusion tomorrow.


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