Day 2: Sunday, February 26, 2012. Bismarck, ND to Bozeman, MT

We didn’t try quite so hard to hit the road early today because there were weather alerts for high winds and blowing snow. We got going at first light, around 0700. We saw twenty snowplows in the first couple of hours. Conditions varied. For a while there was light snow on the road and reduced visibility. Then we had a stretch with dry roads. Then icy roads. Then once we got into Montana, things improved. The snow disappeared entirely, and the temperature rose above freezing, reaching +6°C for a while. Once we were in the mountains, it cooled off again.


Despite our slightly lazy departure and a short stop for a nap at a rest stop we still arrived at our hotel just before 1500, mainly because we switched to mountain time. We also saved a little time by just picking up sandwiches at a supermarket in Miles City. They were horrible. I threw the top of my bun away and ate the bottom part open faced because the bread was so dry.
3LPOD: California and Florida. 

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