Day 5: Staying in Missoula

Leap day: Happy Anniversary to us. We got three emails today to tell us that the house that burned down on our street was not our own. Someone told us it was #113, which belongs to our neighbours Doug and Irene. However, we just checked Google street view against the picture in the Kenora Miner and News, and it appears to have been one house further down the hill. We know those people only faintly, but our cat visits their cat, we think. No one is reported to be injured, and we hope the cat is okay, too.
It was cool and snowy today, so Caroline’s plan to hit the mall today was a good one. We saw a clever sign outside a church today, it said: God wants custody, not weekend visits.
Plate of the Day: Oklahoma.
There isn’t much to tell about shopping in a mall, so I’ll move on to lunch, which we had at the Mustard Seed. Caroline dithered for a while before settling on the General Mustard’s chicken, which is not on the sample menu displayed on the website. However, if you are determined to read about it, you can follow the ‘locations’ link to Southgate Mall Missoula and read the takeout menu. I had the Szechuan Beef. Both were very good; we’d go there again. There are far too many good restaurants in Missoula. We thought three days here would let us get all caught up, but we’re further behind than ever.
For tonight, we have reservations at the Pearl Cafe.
One other note on our travel plans. It’s actually rare for us to complete one of our trips without some kind of change, and even though this trip is short, we have decided to alter our route home. Last May, we drove home from Missoula in two days, overnighting in Swift Current, SK. Plan A for this trip was to go only as far as Great Falls, MT tomorrow, then Swift Current, then home. The Great Falls stop was originally inserted in case heavy snow in the mountains slowed us down or made us change to a longer route on the interstate. That last day, from Swift Current to Kenora is a brutal ten or eleven hours of grinding across the prairie. So on to Plan B. Caroline noticed that the overnight stop in Great Falls puts Bismarck, ND within a day’s drive at about eight hours. From there, we can retrace our route and be home in Kenora in another eight hours. So we have booked a room in Bismarck, and cancelled our reservation in Swift Current.

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