Day Six Dinner Debriefing: Romano’s Macaroni Grill

We spent a big chunk of this afternoon trying to download a book from the Sony Reader store, without much success. First I thought I’d open my own account, which I’ve been meaning to do for months. It all went well until I tried to register my credit card with them. You can only do this from your home country, it said. See our FAQ. I could not find any relevant information on their FAQ, and it seems to me that the whole point of having a credit card is so you can go shopping anywhere in the world. Then we tried to download the title on Caroline’s account but despite paying for it once and downloading it three times, it refuses to show up in the library. Please Wait, it says. I’m not impressed.
The front desk clerk tonight has hair exactly like Yahoo Serious from Young Einstein.
We used Trip Advisor to find a restaurant that was walking distance from our hotel and not awful. You may laugh, but one of the reviewers called this town Mediocre Falls. Where we ended up was Romano’s Macaroni Grill. It was their first night with a new menu and new uniforms and they had prepared for the chaos by putting on lots of staff for a weeknight. I never saw their old menu, but I don’t much like their new one; they seem to have homed in on all the things that are authentically Italian that I don’t like. For instance, our bread was heavily seasoned with rosemary, and served with herbed olive oil. I like olive oil and balsamic vinegar better, and Caroline doesn’t like anything that tastes strongly of rosemary. She ordered a mushroom and goat cheese flatbread which was pretty good, while I had the pork, veal and ricotta meatballs with spaghetti. The spaghetti wasn’t hot, so I returned it, and when I got it back, it still wasn’t hot. Parts of it were warm-ish, parts of it were barely luke-warm. There were two genuinely good things about this dinner: the price and the wine. Bottles of wine were half price, so we got a nice Lohr Merlot for $13, and the whole bill only added up to $38. Would I go there again? No. There weren’t a lot of things on the menu that I would want.

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