Day Seven Dinner Debriefing: Pirogue Grill

When we revamped our route to bring us back to Bismarck, we made another reservation at Pirogue Grill. Remember, Plan A was to overnight in Swift Current, SK; our best bet for dinner out there was probably Greek food at the Akropolis. This would have been followed by a ten or eleven hour drive across the prairies. Woohoo!
This way, we got to have one more really nice dinner out, so it feels like we’re still on vacation, and the drive home is only eight hours or so.
Because we forgot about the change to Central Time, we made the reservation for 1830 and had to rush to get there. We weren’t all that hungry so we both chose seafood dinners. I wanted to try the Columbia Gewurtztraminer because I like Gewurtz with Asian food and my dinner leaned that way. It was very nice for the price, but a little sweet. I got Debbie to bring an ice bucket so it wouldn’t go warm and tacky. 

Caroline had the salad with goat cheese stuffed dates and said it was incredibly good. Then she had the walleye, which was good, but she didn’t enjoy the red pepper vinaigrette so much. I started with the soup of the day, a carrot soup with yogourt and Indian spices. I liked it. Then I went with the sea scallops with curry. It was the perfect choice for me. For dessert, I had to try the banana tart with coconut ice cream and in case I couldn’t be counted on to share nicely, Caroline ordered the amaretto cheesecake. Both were delicious, but we didn’t have room to finish both of them, so we left about half of the cheesecake.
Our trusty shuttle driver, Bob, showed up before we even had our coats on.

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