Day -4 Kenora

Getting ready for a two week trip to Oregon. We plan to revisit the Umpqua Valley, and along the way, we’ll visit some old favorites like Sisters, OR, but stop in some places we’ve just driven through before, such as Billings, MT and Jackson, WY. If the weather is good, we might also detour to see Mount Saint Helens.

Here’s what our route will look like: 2012 Spring Trip After we loop back from Missoula to Billings, we just retrace our steps to get home.

We’ve started making lists. We make a lot of lists, especially as we count down to a trip. Today I got the jerry can out so I can buy some gas for the lawn mower so I can cut the grass before we go. I need lists for this kind of stuff.

Some other things we got done today: printed the reservation confirmations from all the hotels, took Dingbat shopping for new maps. Dingbat is our beloved Garmin GPS.

I had the Honda serviced the other day, but now the door locks aren’t working properly, so I’ll have to make a stop at Olson Honda on the way to work tomorrow and see if they can figure it out. I would hate to do a sixteen day trip and have to lock the door every time with a key; that would be so last century! Besides which, I would either forget, or go mad from Caroline reminding me. She said that, not me.

Since Google started combining all their information on me from such varied sources as Google search, Google Blogger, Google Maps and so on, I have started farming this stuff out to different providers. So although I’m still using Blogger, I have switched my browser to Firefox and my search engine to Yahoo! Instead of Google maps, this trip’s map is courtesy of Mapquest. I use PhotoBucket for image galleries. I imagine that in a year or two, all these separate companies will be sharing their information with one another. It’s not that I’m paranoid – well, it’s not just that I’m paranoid – but it irks me that Google makes my searches so effective that when I tell people that you can just Google it, they can’t, because they aren’t me. A couple of years ago, I could tell people that you could find my blog by Googling ‘Harpoon Torpedo Bomber’. This was true at the time, there are few web pages dedicated to this old airplane, and I happened upon one at a small California airport once. Now, I tell people that they can find my aerial photographs of the melting ice on Lake of the Woods by Googling my name and the phrase ‘ice patrol’, and I have no idea if it’s true. It works for me, but I keep visiting my own album, so Google guesses that’s what I want. If you do it, your mileage may vary. That’s as close to a privacy rant as I’m going to go.

When we started documenting our trips, it was with a camera. Then we found that we forgot the names of the people we met, so I started keeping a journal. In a book. Made of paper. Now we travel with a laptop, a netbook, a tablet, a blackberry, a cell phone and a camera. Oh, and a voice memo recorder for working on my novel. Driving helps me think creatively, I have no idea why.


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