Day 4: Loafing in Jackson

Today was our first non-travel day, so we slept in. Until 0530, anyway. I made coffee in the hotel room because the continental breakfast doesn’t start till 0700. When we did go, it was exceptionally good, with fancy scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese in addition to the usual staples. For some reason, every hotel in the western US offers Froot Loops. I would not have picked this to be in the same popularity range as say, corn flakes. Or Cheerios, or Rice Crispies, or Shreddies or Raisin Bran. I would have put it just above Cap’n Crunch or Corn Pops, so I guess it might be the leading seller among kid’s cereals.
After breakfast, we went shopping, because Caroline needed a pair of shoes she can actually walk more than a block in. Her boots do not meet this need. I wanted a new cooler for the car, because the handle is slowly tearing off the one we have. Jackson is not really a retail mecca, but we found what we needed at K-Mart. Also a couple of purses. You can never have too many purses.
We goofed off most of the rest of the day, except for lunch at the Bunnery. This place is famed for its desserts and artisan breads, but we weren’t impressed. My burger tasted funny and Caroline thought her tarragon chicken salad was lacking in the tarragon department. Neither of us was whelmed by the coleslaw.
In the afternoon we planned pool time, and I was hoping to sit at a poolside table and work on my writing, but I could not see through the reflections on my screen, so I came back to the room. Did I write? No, I napped.
Our ‘creekside cabin’ is plagued by noisy geese. They sit on the roof of the empty cabin next door and honk abuse at the geese on the neighbouring property. In addition to geese, there are ducks (mostly mallards) and beavers in the creek. I tried to get a sound recording on my voice memo recorder, but they would never speak up when it was running. Perhaps Caroline’s ‘hunter orange’ turtleneck drove them mad.

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