Day 6: Boise, ID to Sisters, OR

Caroline was up before 0530, with the idea that she could shower and fix her hair before I got up, but I was awake soon after, anyway. We were driving by just after 0700. We started with an hour or so of interstate driving and had the wonderful experience of being passed by a driver going 80mph while fixing her hair and another talking on his cell phone. After that, we did see an hour or so of pleasant farmland, but we spent most of the day grinding across semi-arid sagebrush range at 55mph. There was almost no traffic, just a few trucks, and Caroline says it was ‘boring, boring, boring!’ Later in the day, there was more traffic, and it was all passing us at the first opportunity. I realized that the speed limit is not taken seriously by either the locals or the Californians, and nudged us up to 60 to fit in a little better.
Stopped for a picnic lunch at a rest stop, but the temperature was only 9C, and the picnic tables had ice on them. They were made of concrete, and must have still been below freezing when the maintenance crew hosed them off this morning. We had planned on tossed salad and sandwiches, but it was too breezy for a cold salad – we had to put our hands in our pockets half the time.
Shortly after lunch, we stopped in Bend to visit Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up a few things. Bamboo bedding is out. Beech and Eucalyptus fibers are in. Very handy if you have a pet Koala, I’m sure.
Sisters is just twenty-odd minutes further along. The Best Western Ponderosa in Sisters is one of our favourites. Partly because it has lamas, and partly because they have been very kind in the past about upgrading us to a suite, and their suites are fabulous, with sofas, fireplaces, jaccuzi tubs and huge fancy showers. This time, they’re too busy to offer us an upgrade, but I am delighted to say that even their basic rooms are very spacious – huge compared to our Creekfront Cabin in Jackson, for instance. Our room here has not only a table and two chairs, but also an armchair and ottoman, and a microwave in addition to a fridge. Oh, and it has a patio looking out on the pool, the lawn and the lamas.

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