Day 12 Drive: Prosser, WA to Liberty Lake, WA

About an hour to Walla Walla to stop at a couple of wineries: Cougar Crest and Three Rivers. Then a two and a half hour cruise, mostly on country highways before stopping for a latish picnic lunch, then an hour in and out of Spokane to Liberty Lake. I wasn’t hallucinating last time I took this drive; I really did see a camel. It’s still there, so this time I took a picture. We would have had lunch earlier, but just when we thought we had found a suitable picnic area, it turned out to be miles down a side road. Dingbat helped us get lost much faster than we could have done it without a GPS. I remembered a park by the river, but it’s posted ‘closed’ and looks long abandoned. Finally we made it to Horn School Safety Rest Area, the oldest rest area in Washington. It has some charm, but the rest rooms do not contribute to it.
That’s the last time we’ll use our picnic kit; we have restaurant stops planned for the remaining days. Cleverly, we managed to use up a lot of the food today. And now – nap time.

Speaking of our room, we had a very helpful front desk clerk, Nathan. He listened when we explained we were travelling ‘heavy’ and found us a room just steps from the elevator (if that also happens to be a room that they hate to sell because of noise complaints, then he’s clever as well as helpful) Since our parking space is just steps from the back entrance and the elevator, we don’t have to haul all our stuff far. We still had to make two trips, but they were short trips.

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