Day Fifteen Dinner Debriefing: Pirogue

Caroline had to call them to ascertain whether she had made a reservation for 1900 or 1930. Turns out she had made a reservation for next week. Luckily, they were able to fit us in, and even remembered that I had wanted to sit on the upper level. It’s the only part of the restaurant we have not eaten in. Unfortunately, I was sitting in a booth with my back to a man with either a very low voice, or a very strange laugh. Perhaps it was partly my hearing, which is no longer perfect in noisy places, but all I could hear when he was talking (or laughing, I never did figure it out) was a low rasping noise like a blown-out woofer. The more I heard it, the more it reminded me of a pig eating from a trough, or an orc gnawing on a fire-roasted leg of hobbit. Please understand that this man was not making strange noises while eating, only having a conversation with his table-mates. It didn’t help me enjoy my dinner though. I started with the gnocchi with rabbit confit, it was divine, then had the trout, which was a little dull. The best part was the carmelized onion mashed potatoes. Caroline started with the figs stuffed with goat cheese, which was very good, but then ordered the BBQ shrimp. This came with a dry rub, not a sauce, and was kind of blackened looking. She didn’t enjoy it. Steve had the shuttle there for us in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

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