Prosser, WA to Hood River, OR

Another easy drive today, so we thought we’d put some extra time in on our morning walk. There’s a paved path that goes miles up the Yakima Valley; at least as far as Sunnyside. The southern end of the trail is in Prosser, and a few blocks from our hotel we hooked up just shy of the one mile marker. The two and a half mile marker would have been about where we would normally turn around, but since I left the weights in the car to give my arms a day off, we thought we’d go as far as the three mile mark. The milepost was missing, and we actually reached the three and a half mile mark before we caught on. So our walk was about a hundred minutes, which works out to ten kilometers at my usual pace, and the mileposts indicated about six miles, so that’s about right.

We stopped at Columbia Crest Winery for lunch today. It’s on the way, less than an hour from Prosser, and offers a choice between  patio tables in the courtyard or picnic tables by the pond. We chose the courtyard because it offered more shade and it’s still really hot.

When we got back on the road, we overruled Dingbat and stayed on the Washington side of the river – the Columbia River Highway is way nicer to drive than the Interstate on the Oregon side. On our previous trips through this area, we’ve always been trying to make miles, so with our lighter schedule, we were able to stop at a little winery called Jacob Williams. They had some nice reds, and a really nice dog; Sadie came and sat on the couch with me. Actually, it’s her couch, but I was allowed to sit on it as long as I didn’t stop petting her.

From there it was only another half hour or so to Hood River. We crossed the river on this bridge, and this is the view from our fabulous river-front room.

Tonight we’ll have dinner at Three Rivers. Speaking of which, I better get changed.


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