Hood River, OR to Sisters, OR

Not our best day. The Shoreline walking trail in Hood River is well-conceived, but kind of patchy. Near our hotel, they hadn’t really laid any foundation for it, so the asphalt was all heaved up and wavy. Further along, parts of the pathway were not connected, so we had to walk through the parking lot of a Union 76 gas station and past a tractor-trailer parked at the side of a quiet road. Good view of the windsurfers and kite-boarders. Just in case the experts fool you into thinking windsurfing looks easy to do, there’s a beginner’s school near the hotel. Less than half the class are on their feet at any one time. 

After breakfast, I felt kind of out of sorts, so I had a nap before we set off. The first part of our drive is a scenic climb around Mount Hood. I made the mistake of pulling over onto a wide gravel shoulder to let an empty logging truck go by. This may have been courteous of me, but the shoulder was very rough. We didn’t break anything, but we gave the CRV’s suspension a good workout.

Found a beautiful campground with empty sites available for day-use, but we were unable to sit at the picnic table and eat due to wasps. Even walking around, they were crawling on my sandwich, and when I tried to shake them off, I threw the sandwich to the ground. Since I was already hungry and crabby, this did not improve my mood. We took some pictures by the river and retreated to the car to eat chips and trail mix.

Rest of the drive fairly uneventful. Some roadwork. A large fire that looked as if it was most likely a field being burned deliberately. Big flames visible from the road, and lots of black smoke. 

Arrived in Sisters mid-afternoon, checked in, bought a few groceries, found a nice forest trail near our hotel for tomorrow’s morning walk. Took another nap.

Caroline had to have her llama fix.

Tonight we’re going for dinner at a little Mexican place we know. Not fancy, but good food.


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