Dinner Debriefing: Pearl Cafe

This is another of our regular places. To get a table on short notice, we had to take a 1930 slot, but since we just changed from PDT to MDT, that was perfect. Also, we got seated in the loft, overlooking the entrance, which is a nice spot.

The wait staff here are amazing. There is always one standing motionless at the waiter station at the head of the stairs, keeping an eye on things. They’re like cyborgs, recharging in their alcove, ready to go at the first hint they are needed. The service here is formal, but personable. You feel as if you are being looked after, not by a friend, but a butler who’s been with the family for a long time.

I was going to have the Ceviche, but soup of the day or house salad is included, and seeing as we had a big lunch, it seemed ample. Actually, the bowls of celery bisque with creme fraiche were very generous. I had mine without bacon bits. Caroline always wants the rabbit, but once again they were out. Her second choice was the Seafood with Tomato… (menu: I have provided a link to the Entree menu because the Bistro Dinner link is a special occasion thing for members only). Anyway, they were out of that, too. Maybe going late wasn’t such a good idea. She had the duck with cherry and pomegranate sauce, it was wonderful. I had the salmon. There’s a reason I’m calling this whole road trip ‘Salmon Run’. It was tender and tangy, with a fascinating mustard butter. We chose a Pinot Noir that we thought would go with both our meals, a Cristom Mount Jefferson. It was a lighter wine than we intended, but stood up well enough and was a delight to drink after dinner. Check out the Wine List – it has the best selection of half bottles!

The bill was less than we expected, mainly because there were only three items on it: the duck, the salmon and the wine. 

This restaurant also does very nice coffee and dessert, but we still had that key lime pie from Hay J’s waiting in our hotel room. Caroline let me have two bites. They were both delicious.


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