Billings, MT to Bismarck, ND

This is about a six hour drive, according to MapBlast, which makes it one of our longest. Don’t forget there have to be stops for fuel and lunch in there, too.

Before I forget – walk in Billings. You might remember that we bailed on the hotel in Laurel because no place to eat and stuff. Stuff includes no place to walk, either. We’ve had iffy stops in Billings before; Applebees there is the worst it could possibly be, and downtown seems to have problems with street drugs and prostitution. However, our stay on the outskirts this time was pleasant. Best of all, there was a walking path right behind our hotel. In fact, you could see it from our room!

Despite sleeping in a little, we were able to start driving at around 0900. We still had most of a tank of gas from our lunchtime fill-up in Bozeman, so we deferred stopping until Miles City because from there we can run non-stop to Bismarck. The low fuel light came on eight miles before we got there, but we can actually drive for up to an hour longer. Killed a lot of bugs today, starting with gnat drizzle in the morning and working our way up to dragonfly showers later in the day. The windshield got so dirty I stopped to clean it at a scenic outlook at the edges of the badlands.

After switching to Central Daylight Time late in the afternoon, we arrived in Bismarck at around 1700. For some reason, presumably political, the Central Time Zone is badly misaligned between Canada and the USA. Saskatchewan is on CST, but Montanna, directly to the south, and most of North Dakota, which is south of Manitoba are on Mountain. At the other end, it’s even weirder. CST in the states goes as far east as Chicago, but in Canada it ends near where we live, only a little east of the Manitoba border.

Gotta get dressed. Dinner at Pirogue tonight.


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