Picks & Pans

The trip’s almost over, so it’s time for Picks & Pans before I get busy procrastinating and forget.

Tim’s Pick: Bozeman. Great scenery, great restaurants. Honorable mention to Cody, WY for trying to be a tourist town and failing to be truly tacky.
Tim’s Pan: Laurel, MT. What can I say. We hated it so much we paid to not stay there.
Caroline’s Pick: Bozeman. Walking on Pete’s Hill. Scenery, feel of downtown.
Caroline’s Pan: Hood River. Great scenery and bad restaurants that offer it.

Tim’s Pick: BW Hood River. Elegant room, spectacular view.
Tim’s Pan: BW Bismarck. Huge, confusing layout, miles of hallways. Wedding parties.
Caroline’s Pick: BW Missoula. The Atrium rooms. Best breakfast.
Caroline’s Pan: BW Hill City. No elevator, unusable Wifi, poor restaurant.

Tim’s Pick: Cody, WY. Little rapids and ponds.
Tim’s Pan: Walla Walla, for closing the entrance to the park and not marking the other trails.
Caroline’s Pick: Bismarck, ND for the variety of scenery and historical sites.
Caroline’s Pan: Billings, MT. Unrelenting box-store vistas.

Tim’s Pick: Hay J’s in Liberty Lake, WA. Ahi Tuna stood out as the best meal of the whole trip.
Hon mention to Pearl in Missoula. Best salmon of Salmon Run.
Tim’s Pan: Enigma in Rapid City, SD. Food fell completely short of the description.
Caroline’s Pick: Hay J’s. Every meal a delight. Hon. mention to Pirogue Grill in Bismarck for many good things but especially that Tomato tart.
Caroline’s Pan: Three Rivers Grill in Hood River. Inedible scallops.

Tim’s Pick: Helicopter over the Badlands. Awesome. Honorable mention to Mammoth Site because it’s a real dig.
Tim’s Pan: Licence plate spotting. Got tons in Yellowstone, then no new ones ever again.
Caroline’s Pick: Helicopter over the Badlands. Honorable mention to feeding the llamas in Sisters, OR.
Caroline’s Pan: Smoke Jumper Center in Missoula. Sort of interesting. What’s next?

Tim’s Pick: Hurtling down from Lookout Pass at 75mph while the semis do 25.
Tim’s Pan: Pasco, WA. Please don’t make me go there anymore.
Caroline’s Pick: The Needles in the Black Hills, SD. Hairpins. Pigtails. Tunnels.
Caroline’s Pan: Spokane to Prosser. Bleak scenery.

Tim’s Pick: Columbia Crest. Let us taste from the freebie list, the reserve list, and wine that wasn’t even supposed to be open.
Tim’s Pan: Waterbrook. Only wanted to push their $50 stuff, wouldn’t let us taste what we were interested in buying. So we didn’t buy anything.
Caroline’s Pick: Cougar Crest, because the host wasn’t trying to push anything, and listened.
Caroline’s Pan: Hogue. Les was annoying. And creepy around the young ladies.

Tim’s Pick: Bison herd swimming across a river in Yellowstone. Hon mention to Devils Tower.
Tim’s Pan: Interstates. They do the job, but visually? Google Glass me.
Caroline’s Pick: Forest fire and Sikorsky helicopter in Missoula
Caroline’s Pan: The high plains of eastern Oregon & Washington. Sad cow country.


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