Grand Forks, ND to Kenora, ON

Last day. Run home from Grand Forks. Woke up to drizzle and let Caroline sleep in. Ate breakfast late at the hotel. Drove downtown to walk along the river again while the rain held off. Our 1000 start slipped to 1100 but we still made it to the border crossing by noon. We had worried about crossing on a Canadian long weekend, but they said the rush doesn’t usually start until 1400. Just fifteen minutes passed from the time we joined the end of the line, craftily picking the lane with two RVs instead of five cars, to the time we paid, peed and pulled out. Fee on wine in excess of duty free allowance worked out to about six dollars a bottle. Our other purchases didn’t amount to much, especially since Caroline’s one impulse purchase, a three-pack of colorful socks, went missing. It might have fallen out of the car somewhere, or it might have got tossed into a hotel’s wastepaper basket with some empty grocery bags. This is a shame, as it is almost impossible to get her to buy socks. I have to give them to her for Christmas. Yes, really.

Turned the cell phones back on, told Dingbat to switch back to metric and pressed the Go Home icon. Paused for road rations at Subway in Morris.

Rest of the drive was uneventful, and we’ve seen it all many times. Caroline slept through most of it. Arrived in Kenora at about 1530 and went for groceries. Since then, it’s been unpacking, laundry, checking in at our respective places of work and begging the cats’ forgiveness.

According to Blogger’s stats, there were almost a thousand page views during the two weeks we were gone. Some of those would be myself, checking and updating my posts,  but not more than a hundred or so, I wouldn’t think. So maybe we have secret admirers.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the trip. There will be a massive hiatus now, probably until sometime around May next year.


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