Acadia National Park

Today we enjoyed a full day in Bar Harbor, with a walk, a drive and a picnic lunch.

Walk first. We did the Ocean trail from Sand Beach to the Otter Cliffs.

20141010_092753That’s Sand Beach in the far distance, the trail is about two miles each way.

I ran my cell phone battery low, so we popped back to the hotel to pick up my charging cord and scooted into Bar Harbor to buy sandwiches for lunch.

There are two cruise ships in town today. We met a couple from Adelaide who flew to the USA, did an Alaska cruise and took a flight in a De Havilland Beaver, popped up to Canada and drove across it, skipping the boring bit between Edmonton and Montreal ;-), and are now enjoying a second ocean cruise along the New England coast.

Headed back to the park for a picnic at Bear Brook before resuming the loop drive. Lots of lovely scenery, and fantastic views from Cadillac Mountain, but no photographs to back it up. The fall colors don’t always turn out as spectacular as they seem in person, and the panoramic views just look like horizon shots.

We like Bar Harbor, and have asked the front desk to let us know if a room opens up to allow us to stay a third night, but it looks as if they are going to be booked up. If we have to stay with our original plan to move on to Freeport tomorrow, we will, but it didn’t look very exciting when we glimpsed it from the Interstate the other day. We could make an excursion from there to Bath, though, and check out the maritime museum, which has all kind of stuff on wooden ship-building. Remember; this was the aerospace industry of its day, with the most skilled workers in iron, oak and cotton combining their talents to produce extraordinary machines of transportation. And works of art.

Our plan for dinner tonight is the West Street Cafe. We had a little more time to compare menus and websites, and this was the place that appealed the most to both of us.



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