Dinner Debriefing: West Street Cafe

Dinner at the West Street Cafe started out well, but I was disappointed by the time we left. Let’s start with the good news. There was a huge crowd outside when we arrived, but it turned out they were a bus tour that had just eaten and were leaving, so we got a table as soon as they could clear one off. The wine list was encouraging, with Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay, J. Lohr Chardonnay and Ferrari-Carrano Fumé Blanc at the top of the list, and each for $26 or less. Don’t see fumé’s listed very often, so I picked that, and it did make a nice change. Caroline started with the clam chowder, another winner. I had the lobster bisque, very nice. We chose poorly for our entrees. Caroline ordered the lobster tail not realizing this would involve shells and a bib. I was intrigued by the stuffed baked halibut, but as the meal wore on I realized that the stuffing was very bready and a bit oily. It wasn’t the clean, light seafood dish I had hoped. Ordering something else wasn’t really a good answer, as there were still people waiting to get in. Caroline’s lobster grew on her once she realized the meat wasn’t that hard to get at, partly because I helped her with the claws and got lobster water all over my sweater for my trouble. No good deed goes unpunished. I would have liked dessert to try to finish on a winning note, but I was already way over my budget on butter, cream and fat, so sugar would have just made me feel worse. Drove back to the hotel feeling guilty and depressed.

Still no chance of a room here for tomorrow night, so we’ll stick to the original plan and go to Freeport.


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