Bar Harbor, ME to Freeport, ME

Today we backtracked down the coastal highway to Bath to visit the Maine Maritime Museum we didn’t have time for a few days ago. You don’t actually see much of the ocean on this road, it’s nothing like the Pacific Coast highway.

Bath was home to several ship-builders over the centuries, and came to specialize in six-masted schooners that ran up and down the Atlantic coast. We also learned that jails in Maine used to feed the prisoners lobster seven days a week until there was a revolt. Caroline sympathises.

We are staying in South Freeport. Freeport is where you go to shop at outlet stores: LL Bean, North Face, Bass, Banana Republic, the list is endless. South Freeport is where  hotels go to to die. Some of the lucky ones get re-imagined as office buildings. We saw one motel that had been re-purposed as a self-storage complex – all the windows were papered over. This seems a terrible waste of plumbing, even if the fixtures were removed and sold off.

Our hotel is quite nice, we have a room that overlooks the ornamental pond and pool. We had plans for dinner, but they completely fell through.


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