Dinner Debriefing: Publyk House

We chose this place mainly because it’s less than a mile from our hotel. The Publyk House was once a barn, but it’s been a restaurant for a long time. The parking lot was very full, so we were happy to hear that the wait for a table would only be in the range of ten minutes. We had the whole foyer to ourselves, so we sat and read the menu.

Caroline decided to honour Canadian Thanksgiving by eating turkey, and they had a very traditional turkey dinner with mashed potatoes on the regular menu. I ordered one of the daily specials, grilled salmon with pesto and wild rice. Both dinners came with salad bar and a small loaf of brown bread with maple butter.

We give them good marks for the salad bar. Although it was compactly laid out, the staff were hard at work keeping the small serving dishes freshly filled. We appreciated that the ladles for the salad dressings were labeled, so you need not mistake the blue cheese for the ranch. Caroline’s favourite was the broccoli salad.

The turkey dinner was just that – nothing extraordinary. I hinted that I wanted my salmon moist, and they delivered.

There were two Oregon Pinot Noirs that we thought would go nicely. We did not know either of them and the waitress recommended the Underwood. It is a very pale and light Pinot of the strawberry persuasion, like the Amity. A fairly good match for the turkey, but it barely stood up to the salmon.

Highlight of the meal was the pumpkin cheesecake. Soft, creamy and spicy, it was a delight.


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