PVR 3.1

0800 Briefing on mission for L. Infiltrate and investigate Holiday Inn.

0900 Stealthy approach to target property from beachfront, just like Bond in Dr. No. Cunning disguise of slacks, polo shirt and athletic shoes blended in perfectly with enemy operatives in bathing suits and bare feet.

0915 No need to turn my Hilton bracelet inside-out to disguise my affiliation. Cleverly “borrowed” white Holiday Inn bracelet by charming front desk girl with seductive smirk. Gave my name as Mitty, Walter Mitty.

0918 Recon photos of poolside headquarters obtained with S’s camera disguised as ordinary smartphone.

0920 Infiltration bracelet clandestinely removed by front desk operative turned double agent.

0922 Stealthy egress of hot zone.

0925 Clear. Stand by for upload.

1220 Discreet communications secured.


1225 Micro-images conceal higher resolution.


1230 Full-scale invasion by L’s team authorized.


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