About Tim

I was born in Plymouth, England in the late fifties. Dad was an oceanographer, so we moved around a bit. I lived one childhood year in La Jolla, California, then after two more years back in England we moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba when I was nine. I became a Canadian a few years later, and last time I checked, I still had dual citizenship. I finished high school by correspondence from Cronulla, New South Wales while dad was on sabbatical in Australia. Since then, I’ve had jobs as a lifeguard, stockroom attendant, hotel night clerk, paradrop pilot, carpet warehouse  bush pilot, radio announcer and charter pilot. Nowadays I live in Kenora, Ontario and mostly make my living flying judges and lawyers to remote communities in Northwestern Ontario. My principal hobby is writing science fiction, but although I have completed one novel and begun a second I am not yet published. Because flying airplanes is my work, my vacations often involve trips by car. I like food and wine, so I started this blog to share my road trips with like-minded friends. It’s heavy on restaurant reviews and I also contribute to Trip Advisor. Restaurants come and go, so you may find broken links to menus.


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