PVR 3.2

Apart from my morning walk today, we stayed fairly close to the hotel. I tried out the coffee bar on the second floor, in fact I plonked myself down with my tablet and keyboard and wrote a short story there. Rewrote one, anyway, giving it an ending for the first time. I’m quite pleased with it, but I’ll have to wait til tomorrow to see if it really worked.

Our joint excursion was an outing to find a hair salon for Caroline. There is not one in the hotel, but there is one just a block away. They did a great job of straightening her hair while I sat and read on their couch. They didn’t get her bangs right, but she was able to fix them back in our room. Her hair looked perfectly straight for about an hour, and then the seaside frizzies began their assault.

My homework email finally showed up, so I spent a chunk of the afternoon doing a little of the required reading. The course doesn’t actually start until January, but there is some preliminary stuff now.

We decided to break out of our rut and have dinner at La Delice, the a la carte French restaurant on the property. After what the Seafire did to the beef Wellington last night, I had to have the filet mignon just to get some red meat that was still red. There was a real wine list available at the restaurant, but you have to pay for it, and I didn’t see anything that cried out to me, so we stuck with the house wines. I give them a good grade on the French onion soup. This dish is often poisonously salty, but not here. It was dangerously hot, but I approve of that! My salad Lyonnaise was okay, but Carolines Nicoise seemed to be lacking dressing, which is odd. Usually she objects that her salads are overdressed. Also there was no egg, and no olives, which makes me wonder if it escaped the kitchen unfinished. She said the tuna was the best part, which since it consisted basically of tuna and leaves is faint praise. My steak was small, but very tender and perfectly cooked. Caroline’s Mahi Mahi was very tasty, too. I’d consider ordering it if we went back. Caroline thought the mashed potatoes were especially good. As usual these days, I passed on dessert, but Caroline had the Creme Brulee. In our opinion, flan should be cooked to firmness but Creme Brulee left soft, almost runny. Not here, so points off for that. Overall, the dining experience was positive. The menu is short, so I don’t know if we’ll go again or not.