Day One Dinner Debriefing: Perogue Grill

This is a regular stop for us, but tonight we enjoyed sitting in ‘The Journey Room’, a separate salon with just five tables. Tonight was the last evening for their Celebrate Spring three course dinner. I chose the iceberg wedge salad, the beef tips with stew and carmelized onion mashed potatoes, and the pastel tres leches with strawberries. Caroline was feeling a little heartburny… heartburnish…refluxive… anyway, she just had the beet and goat cheese appetizer followed by the rabbit in phylo pastry appetizer, then joined me for dessert. While I went with a pair of Markham wines from Napa valley, choosing a Chardonnay with my salad and a Merlot with my entrée, Caroline chose the KJ Chardonnay and a MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir.
We got a chance to say hi to Bob the shuttle driver, and Debbie from our previous visit to the Perogue Grill was working, too. An excellent dinner, and not an extravagant tab, either. We were feeling pretty tired, so we were glad Bob was prompt. I’m just going to post these paragraphs, then call it a night.


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